List data elements to be displayed in the hierarchical (card) display

Work In progress:

OrderRecord typeData element

Currently in MCL /


Sort able (Yes / No / TBD)

MCL (2nd pane)

Yes. Sort by the Index title, but display the Resource title (UXPROD-1634).

Yes. Sort also by Uniform title 

2InstanceContributorsMCL (2nd pane)


New: How to sort when multiple contributors (UXPROD-2667) 

3InstancePublishers (Publication date)MCL (2nd pane)Yes. Split out Publication date (see row 9)
4InstanceRelationshipMCL (2nd pane)Yes.
5InstanceInstance HRIDNewYes (UXPROD-2668)
6InstanceResource typeNewYes (UXPROD-2669)
7InstanceFormatNewYes (UXPROD-2670)
8InstanceEditionNewNo (UXPROD-2671)
9InstancePublication dateNewYes. Will use the term Year (UXPROD-2703)
11HoldingsHoldings effective locationHoldings accordionNo
12HoldingsHoldings call numberHoldings accordionYes
13HoldingsHoldings typeNewYes. Useful if the libraries use distinct (e.g. physical and electronic)
14HoldingsHoldings statementNewYes
15HoldingsHoldings HRIDNew-
16ItemItem barcodeMCL (item list)Yes
17ItemItem statusMCL (item list)Yes
18ItemCopy numberMCL (item list)Yes
19ItemLoan typeMCL (item list)Yes
20ItemEffective locationMCL (item list)No
21ItemEnumerationMCL (item list)Yes
22ItemChronologyMCL (item list)Yes
23ItemVolumeMCL (item list)Yes
24ItemYear, captionMCL (item list)No
25ItemItem call numberNewYes
26ItemMaterial typeMCL (item list)Yes
27ItemItem piecesNewNo
28ItemItem HRID-Yes