How to find a list of all the permissions in a FOLIO instance

Option 1: Create a Permission Set with All Permissions Visible in the User Interface

This option is good if you are simply trying to figure out what permissions you can assign to FOLIO staff users through the UI.

  1. Go to Settings → Users → Permission Sets
  2. Click the +New button in the top right of the third pane.
  3. Give the permission set a name (required)
  4. Give the permission set a description (optional)
  5. In the "Assigned Permissions" Accordion, click "Add Permission". The Select Permissions modal will appear.

  6. Check the check box next to Name to check all the permissions. 
  7. Click "Save & close".
  8. Click "Save & close" again to fully create your permission set.

Option 2: Use an API call

This option is best if you are wanting to dig deeper into the FOLIO permissions and see subpermissions or other permissions that are normally hidden in the user interface.

To get a full list of permissions, use an API call to your instance of FOLIO: GET /perms/permissions


  • specify a length to get all the permissions back - the default length of ten will not get you the full list.
  • if you want to see subpermissions, set expanded to true

What you will get is a lengthy JSON response that then usually needs to be parsed to create a spreadsheet or other useful tool. You can do so using Google Refine, or you can also use Postman Visualizer – see Use Postman Visualizer to get JSON into a format for Excel

Here is an example of what a query in FOLIO Snapshot looks like in Postman: