Match profiles

Match Profiles

The purpose of the Match Profile is to define the match between an incoming record and existing record.

Match Profiles are associated with Job Profiles and can be re-used for multiple Job Profiles.

Actions and Field Mappings associated with match profiles must be created first or already exist.

Elements include:

  • Name (Required): Name of the match profile
  • Description: Describes the match profile to help you and others identify what it and what the match does
  • Details: Select the format of the existing record used to match to the incoming record
  • Match Criteria: Select the field to match on the incoming record and the corresponding field to match on in the existing record
  • Associated Job profiles: When a job profile requires a match profile, that job profile will show in the Associated job profiles section of the match profile. The relationship to a job profile can only be edited in the job profile, not in the match profile. If a match profile is edited, those edits are reflected in all job profiles where the action profile is used.
  • Tags: can be assigned to match profiles and then used as filters

How to create a match profile

  • Incoming record
    • Field
    • Use a qualifier
    • Only compare part of the value
  • Match criterion
  • Existing FOLIO record
    • Field 
    • Use a qualifier
    • Only compare part of the value

Types of matches

  • Primary matches
  • Submatches
  • Static matches

What matches work?

  • MARC to Inventory records
    • 001 to Instance HRID
    • 999 ff $i to Instance UUID
    • Any field/subfield to Holdings HRID or UUID
    • Any field/subfield to Item HRID or UUID
    • Any field/subfield to Item barcode
    • Any field/subfield (usually 856$u) to Electronic access URI
    • Any field/subfield to Holdings or Item Permanent or Temporary Location (by Name, Code, or Name (Code))
    • ...
  • MARC to MARC SRS records
    • 001 (Instance HRID)
    • 999 ff $i (Instance UUID)
    • 999 ff $s (SRS UUID)
    • Other fields that are not repeatable (or not repeated in a given set of records), or that are repeatable but can be distinguished with qualifiers
  • Static matches
    • Location text (Name, Code, or Name (Code)) to Holdings or Item Permanent or Temporary Location 
    • ...

What matches do not (currently) work?

  • MARC to MARC SRS records
    • Matches on repeatable fields have unpredictable results and can often result in "multiple matches" errors due to the repeatable fields rather than actual duplicate records. See UXPROD-2742 - Getting issue details... STATUS
    • Using qualifiers for fields like 035 can help cut down on the unpredictability

Adding matches to job profiles

Job profiles can have multiple match profiles that interact with one another. Here are some guidelines for using multiple matches:

  • To match in inventory start with the highest level match point you intend to use and walk down the record tree from there. For instance, match instance, then holding, then item.
  • Matching across inventory and MARC SRS does not work (bug MODDATAIMP-798 - Getting issue details... STATUS ) so you cannot match on MARC and follow it with a match on holdings for instance
  • Do static matches work with SRS matches?
  • Can SRS matches be stacked?
  • How to consider suppression in match points?