Job profiles

The purpose of the Job Profile is to define the type of import at the highest level. Think of Job profiles as the overall container for the import job - it defines the type of input data and the action(s) to be taken by Data Import based on (optional) matching behavior.

The two pieces in a job profile are the match profile and the action profile.

Not all job profiles include match profiles - for example, if you just want to create brand new records, you don't need to match on existing records so a match profile is not needed.

Examples of job profiles

Examples of job profiles shared from the community can be found at Data Import Profile Sharing

Elements of the job profile include

  • Name (Required): Name of the job profile. 
  • Description: Describes the job profile to help you and others identify the profile and what the profile does
  • Accepted data type (Required): Select the format of the incoming record (MARC, EDIFACT)
  • Add Match and/or Action: Select the match between incoming and existing record or an action to do on import. In order to add a match and/or action, that match profile and/or action profile must already exist.
  • Tags: can be assigned to job profiles and then used as filters
  • Jobs using this profile: displays the most recent import jobs that used this particular job profile