MARC Holdings - System updates and quickMARC validation rules

This page is no longer being updated.

Please see the complete and updated list of quickMARC - MARC21 Validation rules here:

Changes to MARC fields that done by the system

MARC fieldMARC typeChange logicRelated featureSource of change 
LDRHoldingsUpdate 00-04 position with a new record lengthCreate/Update MARC/Import MARCsmod-quick-marc
001HoldingsAutopopulate Holdings HRIDCreate MARC/Import MARCs
001HoldingsMove field value with 003 to 035 and set holdings HRID Import MARCsmod-source-record-manager
003HoldingsMove field value with 001 to 035 and removeImport MARCsmod-source-record-manager
005HoldingsSet current date-time Create/Update MARC/Import MARCsmod-quick-marc
010HoldingsAdd additional spaces to match valid LC control numberCreate/Update MARC/Import MARCsmod-quick-marc
035HoldingsSet data from 001 and 003 fieldImport MARCsmod-source-record-manager
999ffHoldingsUpdate $s and $i with newly created SRS Record and Holdings IDsCreate MARC/Import MARCsmod-source-record-storage / mod-source-record-manager/ mod-inventory-storage
XXXHoldingsRemove field if its content is emptyCreate/Update MARC mod-quick-marc

MARC Holdings Validation rules in quickMARC

MARC fieldMARC typeValidation rule
  • The Leader must contain 24 characters, including null spaces
  • Only positions 05, 06, 17, and 18 can be edited in the Leader
  • Required field for MARC Holdings record
  • Is a valid instance record HRID with Source = MARC 
  • No indicators or subfield codes supported 
  • Can only have one 004
  • No change from MARC bib validation
  • Unexpected length of the field
  • No change from MARC bib validation
008HoldingsUnexpected length of the field
  • Subfield length should be more than 3 characters
  • No change from MARC bib validation
01X - 999HoldingsOnly 2 indicators with one-character values can exist
  • Not required for a MARC holdings record
  • One 852 is required for a MARC Holdings record
  • $b = a location code setup in Settings > Tenant > Locations 
aaa-zzzHoldingsAlphabetical fields are restricted