2023-11-29 - ERM meeting

Meeting Time:    8 am EST /  2 pm CET / 1 pm UK

Call in Number:     https://zoom.us/j/995679876 

Meeting URLhttps://zoom.us/j/995679876 Password needed: please see link below



ERM SIG Folio Wiki: https://folio-org.atlassian.net/wiki/display/ERMSIG/

Google Folder: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/17X3tr6siZH8iS07kGcjAqUNl01zVrJmB

Terms and definitions: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1vue-mbcULpZivWu69a7nAZEdC-H2yXPQqSblbL_0J6U

Slack Channel: # erm-team

Agenda Nov 29th 2023

Convener: Martina S.

Notetaker: Martina T.


Agenda items

  1. Development progress - ERM sprint 179
  2. Adding column customisation options to multi-column lists in Agreements (Continuing the discussion from last meeting)
    1. Please complete the homework questions at https://forms.gle/tmYHYwQSqqEBMZPr8


  • Development progress - ERM sprint 179
    • Work finished for Poppy release

    • Issue with saving Agreements that are linked with Agreement Lines in the Local KB –> Orchid CSP 7

    • Add pagination -> For Poppy started to switch to next and previous page buttons

    • Started to add pagination for any MCL when more than one page to show both in Agreements and Licenses

    • Settings > Agreements > Supplementary Properties – changed the UI e.g. filter – working on implementing this in more places in settings e.g. Settings of Local KB Admin

    • Settings > Pick lists and pick list values – combine those two screen in one and integrating a 4th pane - easier to find and manage 
    • Work on the way that we index data in the data base - not complete yet for Licenses and Agreements – when implemented you should see some improvements e.g. search and performance 
    • In Licenses performance not significant, but in Agreements improvements in data ingest speed and search speeds expected   

  • Adding column customisation options to multi-column lists in Agreements
    • Highest priority: Agreement view -> Agreement lines, Agreement line search results, Agreement search results

    • Agreement line search results

    • Name/Reference of Agreement Line -> Title A on Platform B in Package C

    • In case of an unlinked Agreement line there is no name/reference but a description

    • Felix (chat): Hi Owen! Just looking at this screen I want to ask a question I never came to ask: Why is the title and platform name in inverted commas, but the package not? I find it more confusing when I look at a package title in the third pane.

      • String is built up of a number of different parts Title on Platform in Package to be specific about what the Agreement line is for.

      • Felix: it would be easier to identify the package name if it were in inverted commas as well

      • Owen will check if it can be fixed

    • Agreements search – section Agreement line in the Agreement view pane

    • Agreement view pane > Agreement lines -> New: Pagination Next and Previous

    • Results of survey - priorities display of columns: Name / Description, Active from, Active to, PO Line, Count, Provider, Publication type, Note

    • Custom coverage only applies to local KB – adjustment of coverage

    • If a custom coverage is added then an indicator/icon is displayed for custom coverage – so you know that it is not the default coverage

    • PO Line – which POL is linked to is displayed

    • Count = number of resources

      • Local KB: e.g. 1 title = 1 or e.g. 1 package = e.g. 1373  -> total count

      • E-holdings resource: e.g. 1 / 27 – only 1 title out of 27 is active -> Active titles and total number of titles in the package

    • View in Agreement lines search: the reference number is displayed not the name (eHoldings)

    • Reason: name for the eHoldings lines are never stored in Agreements only the reference number – all other information is fetched on demand – two step fetch from eholding and HLM

    • Felix (chat): A POL stores certain parts of Inventory records in its JSON document. Would that be an option for the AGRLines that have a link to eHoldings as well when trying to avoid so many API calls?

    • It was a compromise
    • Changes in the remote data are difficult to float through to your stored version - could end up with differences – data can change a lot

    • Question: Provider is in the table – feedback was for Organization

    • Sara: Organization e.g. payment and provider who is the provider of the resource

    • At Agreement line level you have the provider of the resource – Agreement would be the level to record the vendor (payment)

    • Zorian: provider is KB term coming from eHoldings or from GOKb

    • Sara: over in PO line field access provider - maybe changing the term to access provider as a suggestion

    • Sara: not linked Agreement line  – not possible to fill that information in and for me it would be useful to enter information and to edit it


Martina Schildt | VZG 14:01
Hello all, here is the Agenda: https://folio-org.atlassian.net/wiki/display/ERMSIG//2023-11-29+-+ERM+meeting
Stephanie Larrison  an  Alle 14:18
That was my comment, but I'm still learning. Thanks for the explanation.
Felix Hemme  an  Alle 14:19
Hi Owen! Just looking at this screen I want to ask a question I never came to ask: Why is the title and platform name in inverted commas, but the package not?
I find it more confusing when I look at a package title in the third pane.
Stephanie Larrison  an  Alle 14:24
The Alternative Name vote was me, again, so disregard.  Still learning.
I probably saw it as a supplementary field in Poppy bugfest.
Makes sense that Agreement Line would not need an alternative name.  Thanks!
Felix Hemme  an  Alle 14:39
A POL stores certain parts of Inventory records in its JSON document. Would that be an option for the AGRLines that have a link to eHoldings as well when trying to avoid so many API calls?
I agree about the need keeping it up2date, please also convince the Orders people ;-)
scolglaz  an  Alle 14:50
In the POL it is Access provider -- maybe that would be clearer
Felix Hemme  an  Alle 14:51
Publisher is also much less standardized, just take a look at all those different Springers in a MARC 264.
Martina Schildt | VZG 14:56
I need to run to another meeting - apologies!

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