ERM Sprint 100

Sprint Goal / Focus

Sprint Schedule

  • Sprint: 100
  • Release: Iris
  • Quarter: 2021 Q1
  • Start Monday 19 Oct
  • Finish Friday 30 Oct

Sprint Capacity

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QA Environment: folio-testing


 Sprint Planning Agenda
  1. Sprint Goal / Focus
  2. Sprint Capacity
  3. Review sprint candidates 
  4. Agree technical approach / define key implementation tasks
  5. Finalise estimates / costings
  6. Confirm sprint scope
  7. Confirm first actions

Sprint Planning  

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Brought Forward

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Notes / Estimates / Actions

UXPROD-1759 - Getting issue details... STATUS

ERM-1156 - Getting issue details... STATUS

BE: +2d

  • GET is now working locally. 
  • PUT is todo. curl query shared is as expected.
  • Changes:
    • add locators to controller for platform view. Depends on 1135.
    • rename platform to platforms

FE: 5d

  • Platform SaS
    • need backend endpoint 
  • Platform view / edit 
    • all details should be available from controller endpoint and 1185
    • does not require create via UI (only backed POST support: nice-to-have)
    • needs standard save and close
    • will require changes from ERM-1135

UXPROD-1759 - Getting issue details... STATUS

ERM-1102 - Getting issue details... STATUS


Dependent on ERM-1048

ERM-1107 closed as overlap / duplicate of ERM-1048. 

Sprint Focus

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Notes / Estimates / Actions

UXPROD-1759 - Getting issue details... STATUS

ERM-1047 - Getting issue details... STATUS


(tick) ERM-1135

Pending wireframes for ERM-1036. 

Also  need a UI for URL sampling. 

UXPROD-1759 - Getting issue details... STATUS

ERM-1048 - Getting issue details... STATUS

Ethan Freestone


  • Service to take in *id( and (b) map of variables
  • Look up string templates in pre-defined order
    • custom > proxy
    • see given use cases
  • Spit out results. 


  • Domain Class with scope and context (for each of proxy and custom urls)
  • Define shape for frontend design and build
  • Review progress by Wednesday

ERM-1151 - Getting issue details... STATUS

FE: 3d. 

Accessibility improvement.  Already applied in Users, as precedent, which has been helpful. 

Trigger based on focus trapping trigger. 

Make sure it works on top-level agreements.

Need to surround components with hasCommandWrapper .

Some issues with expand/collapse accordians, but other areas it is used seem to work fine. 

Also needed for eResources. 

ERM-940 - Getting issue details... STATUS


To be applied for 

  • ui-licenses
  • ui-agreements

Not required for ui-erm-comparisons, ui-local-kb-admin

Version specified should be the same as defined in OKAPI interfaces. 

ERM-1135 - Getting issue details... STATUS Required for ERM-1156

ERM-1184 - Getting issue details... STATUS

Gill OsguthorpeSubject to wireframes

Brought In

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ERM-1188 - Getting issue details... STATUS



Feature IDIssue IDSprint Backlog?

Notes / Estimates / Actions