2019-04-10 ERM Delivery Weekly Update

Discussion items

TimeItemNotesAction Items
<5 minsIntroductions

30 minsERM Sprint 60 Retrospective
  • Sprint cycle is practically curtailed, but creates opportunity for 'between sprint' time
  • Improvements to ERM (rather than FOLIO) onboarding

20 minsSprint 61 Engineering Design Notes

5+ minsAOB
  • None

Engineering Design Notes / Queries




ERM-79 - Getting issue details... STATUS

  • Some final integration tests to commit
  • Sort order to be implemented

ERM-49 - Getting issue details... STATUS

Progressing dialogue with Wayne to determine implementation options.

ERM-92 - Getting issue details... STATUS

Questions around approach to creating domain objects outside of web app context for integration testing, which Kurt will raise on the ticket.

ERM-139 - Getting issue details... STATUS

TBD whether to share data or fetch each time. FOLIO preference is emerging to be fetch each time (as eHoldings does). This should be resolved in the UX call on Thursday

This approach will result in more fetches, but this should be mitigated through caching.

No caching has yet been implemented, but this is something we need to plan for and schedule into upcoming sprint work.

Note: deferring the refactor until the routing question is resolved need not delay work on Amendments, but if that is progressed using SearchAndSort (rather than SearchAndSortQuery), it will need re-work later. Decision is to expedite the routing best practice question through UX team, complete the refactor and use the next couple of weeks to get a sense of the impact of additional fetches that caching needs to mitigate.

ERM-173 - Getting issue details... STATUS / ERM-174 - Getting issue details... STATUS

smart-components has been amended to make Tags handling more flexible, which allows for the option to create a new withTags component in stripes-erm-components.

ERM-162 - Getting issue details... STATUS / ERM-163 - Getting issue details... STATUS