ERM Sprint 188

Sprint Goal / Focus 

  • 22 Mar: Module Release Deadline

Sprint Schedule

  • Sprint: 188
  • Release: 2024.1 Quesnalia 
    • Sprint 11 of 11 since Release Development Cycle Starts (Sprint 176) to Feature Freeze (Sprint 186: 15 Mar 2024)
    • Sprint 187: Module Release Deadline (22 Mar 2024) [FOLREL-565]
    • Sprint 189: Bugfix Release Deadline (19 Apr 2024) [FOLREL-581]

Development Meetings

  • Wed 6 Mar - dev update
  • Mon 11 Mar - backlog review
  • Wed 13 Mar - dev update

Sprint Capacity

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Notes / Exceptions:

Lead Roles:

QA Environment: 

  • folio-snapshot, folio-snapshot-2


Planning Questions

  • Does the issue meet the criteria for Definition of Ready?
  • What front and back end components are affected?
  • What changes need to be made? (additions, removals or modifications)
  • What development tests need to be written?  
  • What data does the developer need to verify their work?
  • What are the known unknowns? 
  • What is needed to QA? (environment, data, scripts)


 Sprint Planning Agenda
  1. Sprint Goal / Focus
  2. Sprint Capacity
  3. Review sprint candidates 
  4. Agree technical approach / define key implementation tasks
  5. Finalise estimates / costings
  6. Confirm sprint scope
  7. Confirm first actions

Sprint Planning  

(error) - not in sprint

(tick) or @ - in sprint 

(warning) - not ready

(question) - pending triage / planning

Sprint Focus

Planning Notes Template

  • Triage

  • Approach
  • Components and Changes

    • Frontend

    • Backend

  • Tests / Data / Dependencies

  • Known Unknowns

  • QA: snapshot | local | testing | other

  • Release Target: 
  • Development Estimate


  • Ethan Freestone
    • Determine pattern for tests on react query hooks or useMutation,
    • async function in ky library chains a .then promise, which is not easily tested
  • Monireh Rasouli 
    • memory routing on index.js in /src and /settings
  • Jack Golding
    • Resolve code smells (tick)
    • Revise longstanding TODOs as Jira issues (tick)
    • Prioritise: 
      • UISER-88 - Getting issue details... STATUS
      • UISER-99 - Getting issue details... STATUS
      • UISER-13 - Getting issue details... STATUS
      • UISER-100 - Getting issue details... STATUS
        • needs test
      • UISER-113 - Getting issue details... STATUS
        • on hold

Open Access

  • Separate module and interface versions
  • Upgrade to Grails 6
  • Complete QA on UIOA-215
  • Release

IssueSprint Backlog?NotesCarried Over
ERM-3161 - Getting issue details... STATUS (error) Moved to Ramsons


  • Release additional logging as ERM-3191
  • Trace zombie job behaviour - there may be an overlap of functionality
  • Add special checks that is not locked

ERM-3191 - Getting issue details... STATUS Jack Golding
  • Release additional logging for ERM-3161

ERM-3182 - Getting issue details... STATUS Claudia Malzer

Grails Track


  • Success with compiling and running with Grails 6
  • However, JobRunner is not behaving as expected: 
    • unchanged between 5 and 6 
    • but jobs are not being picked up
    • probably an unnecessary transaction that has been added and is now scoped


  • JobRunner triage indicates some client level tasks need tenant scope
    • These can fail silently
  • TODO:
    • diagnose cause of JobRunner fail
    • review areas where this may similarly occur (is this a job issue or pattern issue)
    • whether this affects beyond mod-0agreements: unlikely as it is related to federation interface with database


  • Running out of resources when running harvest on local branch
  • Not reproduced on master, so using that with postgres to get some perfomance data to compare


  • mod-agreements
    • compiles, builds, run
    • harvest begins, but goes from 20% CPU usage to 30-90 before climbing to 1005%
  • could be a local laptop issue
  • dev note: set up new application.yaml for an isolated pg/kafka environment to test performance 


  • QA pending

  • ERM-3111 - Getting issue details... STATUS
  • ERM-3089 - Getting issue details... STATUS
  • SI-34 - Getting issue details... STATUS
  • SI-38 - Getting issue details... STATUS
  • ERM-3090 - Getting issue details... STATUS


(minus) Cypress test development stalled pending implementation of STCOR-484 - Getting issue details... STATUS

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