03 Mahnstufen (Bestellmahnungen) - Funktionsanalyse

Auf dieser Seite werden die Mahnstufen (Bestellmahnungen) beschrieben.


Proposal UB Leipzig and SLUB Dresden

Initial proposal on claims for monographs

OUTDATED Proposals on claims for monographs (Google-Präsentation)
https://docs.google.com/presentation/d/1bdp3qhsHSld5jpOtJSoHqdUWTWn_rDbBAZacEwJojz8/edit#slide=id.g118b3a95366_0_0 - Slides 11-15

Settings / Orders

  • In the claiming settings it is possible to configure claiming templates, as for example: 
    • monograph purchase
    • monograph deposit
    • no claim
  • Each template in the settings consists of the the following elements: 
    • claiming active (information, if a claim needs to be send)
      • The checkbox “Claiming active” is set to active in order to enable the claiming. It should also be possible to deactivate the claiming, by deactivating the checkbox. 
    • claiming number (configuration of the claiming numbers and its intervals)
      • Four (or more?) claiming numbers are configurable = number of days to the next claiming, beginning of the sending date of the previous claim
        For each step, only the claim alert should be shown, when the claim is reached - the claim should not be sent automatically! 
        • Number 1 is reached = Expected receipt interval (App Organizations) + claim number 1
        • Number 2 is reached = Sending date of claim number 1 + claim number 2
        • Number 3 is reached = Sending date of claim number 2 + claim number 3
        • ...
  • It is possible to configure the “claiming setting” in the order-templates as with “Material type” or “Location”
    • It should be examined, if other elements regarding claiming should be configurable in the order-template

Example: Claiming setting

Example: Order template 

App Orders

(André Hohmann : the claiming information could be displayed also in the app Receiving. It is important to offer the information and functionality.)

  • In each POL, the accordion “claiming information” is available (See also: View claiming information on POL)
    • “Claim date”: the date on which the claim was triggered
    • “Claim number” Number of the claim period as defined in the “Claiming Settings”
  • In each POL, the element “claiming setting” is available  
    • It is possible to set “claiming setting” as mandatory element 
    • In the element “claiming setting” only one template can be chosen 
  • For each claim action (for example sending the claim), the date when the action was triggered, has to be written in the order line to derive information for the following claims.
    See UIOR-670 - Getting issue details... STATUS for the proposed actions. 

Example: Accordion "Claiming information"