Consortium Topology

This page will describe FOLIO’s topology that will support consortia functionality.


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Primary Affiliation

AKA home tenant. Identifer of the tenant of a Real User

Active Affiliation

Current tenant with which FOLIO actions are performed. Only possible if a Shadow User exists in the tenant.

Shadow User

a user created in a destination tenant to allow the principal in an originating tenant to act by proxy in the destination tenant.

Real User

a user created in a tenant. Acts as a primary link to shadow users in other tenants.

Home Tenant

Tenant where the actual user record(Real User) lives

Target Tenant

Tenant context where FOLIO actions are performed

Consortial Tenant

Tenant where mod-consortia is enabled

Central Tenant

AKA Consortial Tenant

Member Tenant

Tenant belonging to a member of a consortium.

Shared InstanceAn Inventory instance that lives in the consortial tenant. Can be shared to other tenant in the consortium.
Shadow InstanceCopy of a Shared Instance in a Member Tenant.