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Community Council

  • Report from meeting: Nov. 14, 2022 (next meeting is on Nov., 28, 2022) 
  • Documentation group:
    • Fundraising for $ 21,120 started. Until today we have a commitment of  $ 4500.- (UB Darmstadt, 5 Colleges, GBV, BSZ) and an offer for a new technical editor to be trained by Marcia (commitment from BSZ: Paul Kloppenborg).
    • More funding for a proper training and handover period would be very appreciated!)
  • Discussion about questionaire "Things that could be better about FOLIO" 
  • Community Council Treasurer's report:
    • Total of $425,000 in membership pledges → $280,000 in payments received so far

  • Product and Community Council effort: Clarify in the community, who is responsible for all the roles we need to fill?
    • Will be a topic in next PC 
  • Reference Environment: no resources rigth now - It is estimated that 0.5 FTE could handle this work. The would be roughly $50k if an EPAM resource was contracted.

Technical Council

  • ADR process
    • Retrospective on Architectural Decision Record process to see what works well and what needs improved.
    • Spurred conversation on how TC communicates decisions. Likely need multiple channels, including Slack.
    • Also setting up a formal Decision Record for all technical decisions, as not all are architectural.
    • Consolidating the decision log that was maintained by the Tech Leads group into the TC's decision log.  Doing some cleanup along the way.
  • TC Goals & Objectives subgroup
    • Moving reality on the ground, document will be "good enough", not polished.
    • Much discussion on how to proceed. Feedback from broader TC has come in, moving to an approval.
    • Then will look for next steps.
  • Breaking changes
    • RFC under consideration for how to handle when we need to make breaking changes to APIs.
  • Tools/Dependencies group coming to a close
    • Developing process for how we deal with what tools and software packages FOLIO requires, and how to deal with upgrading modules to use new versions.
  • Things FOLIO should do better
    • Next step is a cross-council meeting on Nov. 29, unclear if TC actions will emerge.

Product Owners

Release Planning

Tod Olson 

Khalilah Gambrell