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5 minAnnouncements 
  • Marshall Breeding's Library Systems Report
    • look at marketing of FOLIO does the PC need to work on marketing, other ideas from the report?  Read the report and PC will discuss at the next PC meeting
  • Prioritizing process report  - need feedback on this report; please add your comments 
  • Universidad de Bogotá Jorge Tadeo Lozano went live with Kiwi and is in the process of moving to Lotus
5 minElections for Product CouncilKristin Martin  

 The following PC members will be staying on for a two-year term:

Jesse Koennecke
Kristin Martin
Peter Murray
Martina Schildt
Owen Stephens
Brooks Travis

  • other PC members can run again; one representative per institutions and a member can not serve more than 4 concurrent years 
  • Harry will be leading the nomination and voting process; Harry will make sure the form and email go out by May 6th

Anya Arnold will be stepping down with Brooks continuing as the EBSCO representative.

Nominations the next PC will begin on May 6. There will be 5 seats. All other current PC members may run again for a two-year term, and new people can be nominated too. The Community Council will be running the process.

5 minWOLFCon updatesKristin Martin 

WOLFcon registration is OPEN!

FOLIO Session planning: Deadline May 6

  • Need more ideas from the PC and other SIGs to finalize programs- cross council meetings and cross council discussions example: technical council and PC

60 min

Community Council, Technical Council, Product Owners, Capacity Planning updates

From Capacity Planning: Lotus was released, Morning Glory is in full swing!

Community Council - Kirstin

  • Last update to PC was March. 24, 2022 - this update summarizes the CC meetings March 28 and April 25, 2022
  • Letter to the FOLIO members to reflect on the recent situation on resources and FOLIO's state of the art: is send out by FOLIO manager in this week
  • New MoUs are ready and will be send out after feedback of membership letter
    • Question: Kristin and others need to see an example of MOU letter
  • New official FOLIO members: Technical University of Munich, University Library FAU Nürnberg-Erlangen 
    • Both signed MOUs
  • CC now has regular updates from PC as well as vice versa
  • CC will have a meeting on WOLFCON
  • Preparation for new elections are under way:
    • Identification of the 1-year term members
    • Setup of a time schedule
    • Founding of an elections committee: Harry, Simeon, Mike
    • CC will reach out to PC and TC as well
  • Discussion about a new possible FOLIO resourcing model with the following questions: 
    • what is our theory of resourcing for development
    • what is our theory of resourcing for maintenance
    • what do we want from project partners?
      • libraries
      • commercial
    • how do product teams fit in
    • how do we onboard new contributors
    • what kind of resourcing do we want?
      • in kind?
      • financial?
    • how do we balance innovation vs. maintenance? who does each?
    • Result after 2 sessions: CC is supposed to write up a statement to define a resourcing model 
      • A sub group was founded to work on that task, Kickoff tbd
  • Discussion about possible lack of PO's: more information from Head of PO's is requested  
  • Community Council Meetings are in general open to participants!  Next will be on May 9, 2022
  • OLF will be organizing members that get free registration for WOLFCON - stay tuned

Technical Council

Technical Reviews:

UI for Marc Authorities approved, review of UI for user bulk edit is in progress. Review of Translation app has resulted in a deeper look at how we do translations in FOLIO and an RFC scoped to the back end. And later look at the front end. 


New Module Technical Evaluation: updating acceptance criteria, removing some non-technical requirements. It seems a good time for some coordination with the cross-council FOLIO Scope Criteria group. 

    • Who does the PC reach out to about these requirements? Craig McNally is the liaison contact.

Technical Decision Making: Reviving the RFC process, but will also need a mechanism for decisions that aren't suitable for RFC. Also discussing balance of consistency vs flexibility in implementation. Want dev teams to consider deeply how specific solutions interact with the rest of FOLIO.

    •  Think about decisions and how does this impact FOLIO as a whole

TC Goals & Objectives: soliciting technical pain points from SysOps and technical parts of FOLIO; use this to look for root causes and to prioritize responses. Goal is to drive some technical topics at WOLFcon.

Controlling AWS costs: looking for ways to reduce AWS costs, spinning down folio-test  and folio-snapshot, though this caught some by surprise. But need to make some changes to reduce this overhead.

Documentation and On-boarding subgroup: page created and soliciting volunteers, some very preliminary material assembled.

Product Owners

  • Lotus release - April 19th (~111 features with 63 representing new features) 
  • Morning Glory in development with release date of August 8th 
  • Product Owners meetings 
    • Roadmap discussion 
    • Morning Glory progress 
    • PO responsibilities - managing/supporting multiple releases 
      • Support for POs with multiple needs of multiple releases
      • Too much responsibility for POs to track features when institutions in production on different releases
        • Is there any easier way to find the information on features in versions in the release notes? In Jira update target dates of release and search in Jira
        • Continue discussion in SIGs to help POs - SIG members can help search Jira and answer release questions for the POs
      • Support SIG only supports current release and one previous release
    • Addressing Karate test failures
      • What is Karate-Automated testing for API integration testing; a fail in test there is a problem with test or with the functionality of feature/module
    • Question - best way to communicate Features being removed from a release
      • Add deferred features in release notes
5 minAgenda planning