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To Dos

follow ups 

  • Anya will ask Anton if there is a possiblity for getting a SIG rank field


Discuss proposal

  • agreements
    • keep JIRA for rankings: information in one place, everyone well trained → possible: different layout to have rankings not as prominent?
    • strengthen SIGs
      • have a SIG vote in JIRA (in addition to PO vote)
      • discussion and feature presentation in SIG meetings; through PO; can outline dependencies and has overview over capacity for own dev team→ asynchronous voting in separate tool (options see above); given and clearly communicated time period to vote
      • ranking within functional area through functional experts
      • questions to PC: is adding an extra tool an option? → needs payment, training, maintenace
    • devote specific percentage of dev time for technical/platform features (NFRs) → how much? → involve TC
  • open
    • member ranking vs. single institution ranking
      • present different options to PC/CC → decision there
  • Draft proposal


  • Add to agreements:
    • rather vote/rank the Epics  than the features
      • would require more work for the POs to bring the Epics in better shape
    • How would the ranking process work for new Members?
      • Jira could be to much/to complicated for the newer Members
    • Jira is more a tool for the background info on the features but can be used in addition to a voting tool
    • Some Institutions would like to keep the Jira rankings for institutional uses like Dashboards, to keep track of the features
    • Have a different tool to prioritize the features to have it on a higher level, which is easier for newer members
    • Michelle in Chat: 

      there might also be individual issues in an epic that emerge as high priority, apart from the rest of the epic

    • Thomas suggests for ranking (advantages: CSV import possible, visualization)
    • Summarize: No Ranking in Jira by institutions but have a prioritisation in another tool (give the institutions the chance to say what is important to them)
    • Option: voting in another tool than Jira and than adding the ranking to the features/epics
    • Have a subgroup looking at how Jira is used right now 
    • Are SIGs up for the task of ranking - how would that look like - Have the POs and Conveners bring new features to discuss and rank them
    • What is with the features that are not picked up by SIGs or do not have a PO?
    • How will this new tool be maintained? - Link to Jira features
Next steps
  • finalize the proposal
  • Bring the proposal to the PC / CC/ PO reps to talk about how to go forward


Action items

  •    Thomas Trutt to create a diagram outlining the proposed prioritization process