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Guests: Ann-Marie Breaux

Discussion items





30 minutes maximumApprovals for R1 2021 Hot FixesAnn-Marie Breaux (Deactivated)


Questions to answer:

  1. What is issue?
  2. How many people are impacted?
  3. What is effort to fix it?
  4. What will it take to test the fix?

Goals/strategies for R2 (Juniper=Bug Squashing) - and beyond (continue discussion from May 5 meeting)Mark Veksler

We have previously discussed Goals/strategies for R2 (Juniper=Bug Squashing):

  • Bug reduction, stability, and sustainability
  • Rel Eng: 
  • Document dependencies, come up with the design and implementation plan for R3
  • Stretch goal: inform the plan with a POC which allows to drop/replace an app with a new version
  • Scope: for Juniper
  • Limit to 
  • Bugs fixes (P1s, P2s, P3s) and performance only
  • Production issues resulting from the Iris go-lives (P1s and P2s only)
  • If 0 P1/0P2s then can work on roll-over features
  • Delivering all features, tests, bugfixes, etc by the deadlines

Now that Iris will go out May 3rd, should we review
  1. what's currently in scope for Juniper AND
  2. discuss who is working on the Rel Engineering goals? 

I would like to use that info to identify critical tracks (my guess is that Data Import should be one of them) for us to monitor in the weekly folio update meetings.