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Status of the work (as of Spring 2023):

  • UXPROD-1241 Backend work done by development team Thor in R1 2021, funded by GBV. DONE
  • UXPROD-2855 covers the front end work - display in the UI. DONE
  • Edit of bound with records:
  • UXPROD-3080 Covers work the Sif development team (funded by GBV). Scope: Nolana. DONE
  • UXPROD-3640 Covers work the Sif development team (funded by GBV). Scope: Orchid. DONE
  • UXPROD-3655 Edit modal and permissions (funded by GBV). Analytical records; bound with - part 2: link multiple bibs to the same ite (funded by GBV) will do. Scope: Poppy. In Progress


Inventory storage allows for this model – by allowing that multiple bound-with items can exist through a relationship with one and the same holdings-record. 

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