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InstitutionFOLIO Feature Set ImplementingLDP1 Implementation DateMetadb Implementation DateMetadb/LDP Admin ContactComments
University of AlabamaFull MVP (though full ERM likely post-migration)still deciding (prod), May 2019 (test)

Cornell UniversityERM January 2020, Full MVP July 2021June 2021 (prod), April 2021 (test)as soon as availablehosted by EBSCO
Texas A&MFull MVP (not ERM)August 2020 (prod), March 2020 (test)
Self hosted
GBVFull MVP except circulation, ERM focused firstwaiting for metadbMetadbAs soon as availableSelf hosted
Duke UniversityPhased: ERM-focused first (Agreements, Licenses, Organizations, possibly eUsage, eHoldings), then Courses and Inventory, then remaining MVPQ3 2020
Angela Zoss (Old)hosted by Index Data
Lehigh UniversityFull MVP and ERM will be partially implemented (organizations, eUsage)Q2 2020 (prod), still deciding (test)

FLOFull MVP (ERM is a consideration but not a priority)June 2020 (prod), Feb 2020 (test)As soon as availableSimmons University only - other institutions to follow later 
University of ChicagoFull MVP (though full ERM may be post-migration)July 2020 (prod), TDB (test)Sep. 2021 (pre-release test)TDB
Leipzig UniversityERM-focused
waiting for metadbMetadbAs soon as availableSteffen Köhler

Self Hosted

Mainz University

Full MVP (ERM included) on a phased implementation.
(will not start before 2023)

on going live (prod), as soon as available (test)
Stanford UniversityFull MVP (still deciding on things)still decidingnot sureShelley Doljack
Five CollegesFull MVP phased starting with ERMLDLightLDLite
Steve BischofSelf Hosted