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-may need to break down report more


  1. ACRL (Association of Research Libraries) report (ID226)
    -annual report on circulation and expenditures for the Association of Research Libraries, comprised of university libraries in North America
    -will require some data from MARC fields
    -will cover most attributes for related reports such as ARL, NCES, and IPEDS
    -how easy is it to aggregate data?

  2. Materials Expenditures on Digital Stocks that are not Serials (ID243 to ID247) 
    -expenses breakdown by all formats except serials, one time purchases 
    -ID247 is an aggregator of special collections and may need to be separate as a report

  3. Serials Inventory and Expenditures (ID248-ID255)
    -expenses breakdown for serials
    -includes counts, costs, formats, etc.
    -must separate one-time and ongoing expenditures

API reference documentation for all modules located at: