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5 minChris Rutledge replacing Brandon Tharp?Team

Latest update, next steps, etc.  Did the TC approve? - YES

Next Steps:

  • Update the wiki
  • Add Chris to the slack channel
  • Get him a meeting invite
  • Grant him access to the SECURITY JIRA project
  • Remove Brandon from these various places too!

5 min

Update on

Jira Legacy
serverSystem JiraJIRA


Axel will miss the meeting today - check in on this next week.

5-10 min

Jira Legacy
serverSystem JiraJIRA

Jira Legacy
serverSystem JiraJIRA


Jakub Skoczen asked us to review/discuss this today.  

  • Prioritized as P2 - hopefully we can get this fixed in Morning Glory
  • Next steps:
    • Review the set of restrictions - are we missing anything?
      • Julian Ladisch to discuss details with members of the Core-platform team.
    • Reach out to the implementers once we have an agreed-upon set of restrictions.  The purpose is two-fold: 
      • A) See how prevalent this problem is.  And
      • B) let them know that they shouldn't be creating new tenants based on the restrictions outlined in OKAPI-1081.
        • Maybe we should have OKAPI reject new tenants based on these restrictions, but allow pre-existing tenants that are already in place.
    • Brainstorm what migrations would look like - what is the scope?  Stripes-config, edge API keys, etc. would all need to change.
      • Security team to give this some thought and we can discuss next week.


Review the Kanban boardTeam

Action items

  •  Craig McNally to get Chris Rutledge setup with the various things mentioned above.
  •  All to think about migrations for tenantId changes (See above)