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5 minHousekeepingAndrea Loigman
30minRe-ranking requests
  • Review gap analysis ranking on UXPROD
30min45minNotesNotes on request record
10minNoticesDarcy Branchini

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e.g. loans, fees/finesNamee.g. Q4 2018, Q1 2019


  • Kalillah is presenting the notes app
  • they were created for the ERM apps and are currently implemented in the e-holdings and agreements
  • in contrary to the helper-apps
    • because they don't address key features and don't meet the expectations in general
  • Kalillah is demoing
    • the notes are only available per app
    • possible to CRED the note if permissions are granted
    • multiple records can be assigned to the note
    • Parts:
      • Note type (which aren’t specific to app)
      • note title
      • Details (editor)
      • Assigned to record you are currently on
    • unassign and delete
  • Questions/answers:
    • Is the link functional? - no, could be
    • Are the notes cloned? - no but assignable to multiple records
    • If there is only one assignment the unassigned button will delete the note
    • Is there a filter for the visibility? - Note is only internal
    • Filter by note type? - not yet
    • Assigning notes is only possible throughout one app not cross app
    • staff only notes? not visible to public - all notes are staff notes
    • Question from Cate to the group: Would notes be helpful in requests as staff notes or possibly as a patron notes if linked to the discovery layer?
      • no, if not searchable
      • for requests it has to be linked to the discovery layer
      • as a general design for staff notes it's good
    • Could it be helpful in the damaged process? - no conclusion
    • is expiring/archiving possible? - no
    • more info needed in the assign note screen maybe through a hover
  • Conclusion:
    • we could make use of it
    • not meeting a specific need
    • tenant level types should be available throughout the apps
    • More than 25 types would be needed - can be changed
    • more filters would be useful (e.g. note type)


  • Nice-to-have
  • transfer the transaction ID through the system
  • Use-case: request/in relay/costume fields for
  • additional function: seachrablesearchable
  • useful for reporting - notes in LDP