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1.   Sharon Wiles-Young:  Still looking for someone from the RA- SIG to join the Forum Facilitators.  Meetings are Wednesday afternoons and they do not meet if there is no agenda.  This group creates new ideas for upcoming Forums and looks for hosts.  The term is 1 year.  Please consider this!

2.  Sean: Decision: How to handle Fixed Due Date loans with renewals. While fixed loans are renewable, there is no notion now of a renewal length for a fixed loan. The option of 'alternate fixed due date for renewals' would only work for the first renewal. Affects renewal override effort as well.  Chicago Folks clarified their fixed due date schedules and how it works with the circ rules.  They do not use “alternative renewals”.  Much discussion but in the end, we decided we were good!

3. Sean:  Discussion: How fixed due date schedules and policies for fixed loans are maintained in practice. Decision: What, if any, additional functionality is needed to accommodate fixed loans made at or near fixed-term-end dates?  Discussion centered around recalls and minimum loan periods.  We agreed we do not have to have a minimum loan guarantee in settings.  Staff recalls were also discussed (see next topic for more discussion on this).  Would be nice to have an error message if the minimum loan period and the fixed date disagree of is wrong.  Perhaps an error message in the calendar function – not a V. 1 issue.

4.  Cate: Would like to discuss a general approach for handling the rush recall workflow so I can get a UXPROD feature written up. Also, do rush recalls need special policy settings (such as pickup and delivery options that differ from the norm)? What policy settings would they need in the loan policy form?  Please see Cate’s excellent notes on this for the outcomes.