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This decision has been been archived as the owner is no longer contributing to the projectmigrated to the Technical Council's Decision Log as part of a consolidation effort.  See:  DR - DR-000031 - Teams to implement UI end to end integration tests


UI Testing Team would like to propose a solution for replacement of Nightmare UI end-to-end integration tests (which has been not maintained by Folio community since the fall of 2020)


Every team will support e-2-e tests for modules according to Team vs module FOLIO Module/JIRA project-Team-PO-Dev Lead responsibility matrix 


    • Automation of e-2-e tests that will:
      1. Accelerate feedback to dev teams by running these tests frequently (daily). Last attempt to execute manual Smoke test plan had failed:
      2. Reduce number of test cases that needs to be executed manually during BugFest
    • Create e-2-e tests in stages:
      1. Smoke  - 168 tests 
      2. Critical Path - 254 test cases
      3. Extended - 141 test case  (not the final count)
    • Create Jenkins pipeline that will execute these daily against reference environment
    • Enable dev teams to run these tests on demand. The above pipeline should have arguments to execute e-2-e test suite against any URL (Team Rancher Environment, Bug Fest, Implementer staging system)