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We need two scheduled jobs: /circulation/scheduled-age-to-lost and /circulation/scheduled-age-to-lost-fee-charging. The first job is responsible for marking overdue items as Aged to lost and updating loan with date and time when lost fees have to be charged. The second job assigns Lost item and Lost item processing fees per lost item fee policy, and sets lostItemHasBeenBilled = true.  

The job that marks items can be triggered every 30 mins (Holly Mistlebauer  to confirm) and the second job, that assigns fees, can be executed every 35 mins (in this case we will assigns fees for newly marked items). 


Here is the overall algorithm for the job.

5 Questions 

Q: If overdueMinutes is 7,886 minutes, that will be 5.48 days. The result needs to be rounded up in all cases, making it 6 days. Is it always round up? Or if < 0.5 down, otherwise - round up?
A: Overdues always get rounded up.

Q: What value for Created at should be for fees?
A: Per Jira requirements it should be blank.

Q: How often the jobs should be triggered?
A: Current decision: once per 30 mins for aged to lost job and once per 35 mins for assign fees job. Holly Mistlebauer to confirm. 

Q: What will happen if there is no fee/fine owner for the given item or no fee/fine type (either Lost item fee or Lost item processing fee)? 
A: No fees assigned, the exceptional situation is logged, however the end-user won't give any feedback. 

Q: What happens if 'Items aged to lost after overdue interval' is not defined?
A: In this case the feature is turned off for the loan

Q: What happens if multiple instances of the jobs overlap?
A: If these two jobs updates same loan than the loan will be updated twice. But if the fee assign job overlaps, and they process the same loan, than fee/fines will be assigned twice. But it is possible to cancel the fees using UI

CC: Emma Boettcher, Marc JohnsonCate Boerema (Deactivated)