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This decision has been migrated to the Technical Council's Decision Log as part of a consolidation effort.  See:   DR-000022 - Upgrade to JDK 11


Since Java 8 support is over and some tools like SonarCloud will stop accepting it, it is necessary for all FOLIO back-end modules to be compliant with JDK 11.


Here is an initial set of steps needed to move to Java 11 for all FOLIO back-end modules. This is quite a high-level plan and refinements will be added in further.

Action items

  •  Complete RMB-328 - Make RMB OpenJDK 11 compliant
  •  Complete FOLIO-2637 - Add Java 11 support to Jenkins Pipelines.
  •  Complete FOLIO-2429 Create base Java docker image for recent version (JDK 11 support)
  •  Spitfire team proposed to be a volunteer team to perform test movement from JDK 8 to JDK 11. They should:
    •  Change to dependency to use the latest RMB version that supports JDK 11
    •  Change the project’s pom.xml to use Java 11
    •  Solve the issue that the current version of aspectj-maven-plugin doesn't work with JDK 11 – Dmytro Tkachenko has investigated this problem and can help with that.
    •  Solve all other issues to have a green build and all tests passed.
    •  Change Dockerfile to use the new docker image with JDK 11 support,
      •  check locally that the “docker build” command completes successfully
    •  Change Jenkins file to use JDK 11 for Maven build
      •  Make that build green and ensure that the module running on JDK 11 works as expected on FOLIO snapshot environment
    •  Prepare a step-by-step guide for all other teams to simplify their upgrade to JDK 11.
  •  All other teams plan and perform the movement to JDK 11