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Jana Freytag

Discussion Items:







App Interaction SIG: There will be a discussion on 3rd June on making the item material type optional

2024-05-06 Meeting notes: Plan future topics

Jira Legacy
serverSystem Jira

Jira Legacy
serverSystem Jira

We need SMES and POs attending this meeting to discuss

Note taker: Erin Weller



55MinReading Room Circulation

Kajsa Bäckius and others

Needed: Anne Ekblad, Stephanie Buck

Also: Andreas Mace

Björn Muschall

Brooks Travis

David Bottorff

Amelia Sutton

Tim Auger

The current feature in Jira:

Reading Room Circulation functionality/workflow

  1. Usually, the Reading Room item will not be available on the open library shelves, but will be in a stack, so the Member orders the item by placing a stack request.

  2. The item will be retrieved from the stack in the usual manner, and the status changed on the Requests screen. An indicator is displayed to alert staff that the item is for “Only for use in Reading Room”.

  3. Stack Requests can be moved in bulk from the Requests screen to the Reading Room Management. It can also be done on an individual basis. Once a Stack Request has been moved to the Reading Room, the Status of the item is then “Reserved”.

  4. When the Member arrives at the nominated pickup location (service point) to collect the material, a link is made to the Check-out screen where the item is issued as a Short Loan. The Reading Room Status of the item is then “On Loan” and the Due Time is also displayed on the Reading Room Management screen.

  5. When the Member returns the item, a prompt is provided to ask if they would like to keep the item “reserved” for use in the Reading Room the next day.
    If the Member DOES want the Reading Room item reserved for the following day, it remains on the Reading Room Management screen with a Status of “Reserved”, and the following day the loan/return process begins over again.

  6. If the Member has finished with the Reading Room item, it is removed from the Reading Room Management screen and is returned to it’s original location.

Meeting Notes

Other Info:

Quesnelia RA related documentation has been merged to Q GitHub. If you have time and want to look over, let me (Laurence Mini) know if any errors/ suggestions for improvement.