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This page provides additional information on test setup and execution that is specific for the mod-kb-ebsco-java module.

Additional setup in the CI/CD Pipeline

A  performance test job executes daily in Index Data's pipeline and executing executes test plans as defined at

Jenkins job uses Jenkins credentials with id ebsco-rmapi-up to access customer id and apikey for RM API access. 


Mod-kb-ebsco is currently a part of this module definition. modMod-kb-ebsco-java will eventually replace mod-kb-ebsco in this definition.


Tests can be run locally against a vagrant box.  You will need to create and reference a config.csv file (containing tenant,user,password,protocol,host,port) and a kbconfig.csv (containing kburl, custid, apikey). Paths to file can either be adjusted or the entire Folio-Test-Plans folder can be placed into your JMeter bin folder

Initial test plan for Providers endpoint has been added with the following PR